Tipping feature of MixCash AI allows users to send anonymous tips securely, enhancing privacy in their financial interactions.


  • Tip Submission: Users initiate a tipping transaction via the Telegram bot, specifying the amount and recipient.

  • Anonymization Process: The tip is processed through the MixCash AI system, obscuring the sender's identity.

  • Delivery: The tip is sent to the recipient, ensuring that the source of the tip remains anonymous.

Technical Highlights

  • Smart Contract Security: Tips are managed by secure, audited smart contracts to ensure reliable and tamper-proof transactions.

  • Randomization: The tipping process includes randomization to obscure transaction trails and enhance privacy.

  • Fees: A small fee is charged for each tipping transaction to cover operational costs.

Privacy and Security

  • Anonymity: The Tipping feature ensures that the sender's identity is hidden, protecting user privacy.

  • Encryption: All data associated with the tipping process is encrypted, safeguarding user information.

  • Decentralization: The process is decentralized, leveraging the Ethereum blockchain for transparency and security.

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