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Taxes Distribution

Taxes collected from transactions on the MixCash AI platform are distributed strategically to support various aspects of the ecosystem, including liquidity provision, development, marketing, and community incentives. Here’s how the taxes are distributed:

Tax Structure

MixCash AI implements a 5% tax on both buy and sell transactions. This tax is automatically deducted and distributed according to the following allocation:

  1. 80% for Liquidity Provision

    • The majority of the tax revenue, accounting for 80%, is allocated to providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges, primarily Uniswap. This ensures sufficient liquidity for $MIXAI tokens, facilitating smooth trading and price stability.

  2. 10% for Marketing and Partnerships

    • 10% of the tax revenue is earmarked for marketing initiatives and strategic partnerships. These funds are utilized to increase platform visibility, attract new users, and foster collaborations with other projects and platforms.

  3. 5% for Staking Rewards

    • A portion of the tax revenue, amounting to 5%, is allocated to staking rewards. These rewards incentivize users to stake their $MIXAI tokens, contributing to network security and stability while earning passive income.

  4. 5% for Revenue Sharing

    • The remaining 5% of the tax revenue is allocated to the revenue-sharing pool. This pool is distributed among users participating in revenue sharing, rewarding them for their engagement and contribution to the platform’s success.


  1. Liquidity Provision

    • By allocating a significant portion of tax revenue to liquidity provision, MixCash AI ensures a healthy and active trading environment for $MIXAI tokens. This encourages liquidity providers and enhances overall market efficiency.

  2. Marketing and Partnerships

    • Investing in marketing and partnerships drives platform growth and adoption. These funds are used to execute targeted marketing campaigns, engage with influencers, and establish strategic alliances that expand MixCash AI’s reach and user base.

  3. Staking Rewards

    • Staking rewards incentivize users to lock up their $MIXAI tokens, reducing circulating supply and increasing token scarcity. This mechanism promotes long-term holding and network participation while providing users with additional income opportunities.

  4. Revenue Sharing

    • Revenue sharing distributes a portion of the tax revenue back to users, aligning incentives and fostering a sense of community ownership. Participants receive rewards for their active engagement and contribution to the platform’s revenue generation.

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