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Revenue Sharing

Revenue Sharing feature of MixCash AI allows users to participate in the platform’s revenue-sharing program, enabling them to earn a portion of the platform's fees.


  • Participation: Users can opt-in to the revenue-sharing program through the Telegram bot, indicating their interest in earning rewards.

  • Fee Distribution: A portion of the platform’s transaction fees is allocated to the revenue-sharing pool, from which rewards are distributed to participants.

  • Automatic Distribution: Revenue-sharing rewards are distributed automatically to users’ wallets at regular intervals, providing a seamless and efficient process.

Technical Highlights

  • Smart Contract Integration: Revenue-sharing functionality is facilitated through secure and audited smart contracts deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring transparency and reliability.

  • Revenue Allocation: The platform’s fees are allocated to the revenue-sharing pool according to predefined parameters, ensuring fair and equitable distribution among participants.

  • Fee Structure: A portion of the platform’s transaction fees is earmarked for revenue sharing, with the remainder allocated to cover operational costs and support platform development.

Benefits of Revenue Sharing

  • Passive Income: Participation in the revenue-sharing program allows users to earn passive income in the form of rewards, enhancing the overall utility and value proposition of the platform.

  • Community Engagement: Revenue sharing encourages active participation and engagement within the MixCash AI community, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration among users.

  • Incentive Alignment: By sharing a portion of its revenue with users, MixCash AI aligns the interests of platform stakeholders, promoting mutual growth and success.

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