🖲️Single Mixer

Single Mixer

Single Mixer is designed to enhance the privacy of individual Ethereum transactions.


  • Transaction Submission: Users send Ethereum to the MixCash AI smart contract through the Telegram bot.

  • Mixing Process: Ethereum is pooled and mixed with other transactions, using a randomization algorithm to break the link between sender and recipient.

  • Output Distribution: Mixed Ethereum is sent to the designated recipient address, ensuring anonymity.

Technical Highlights

  • Smart Contract Security: Automated and audited smart contracts ensure secure and reliable transaction processing.

  • Randomization: Advanced algorithms provide high entropy, making transactions difficult to trace.

  • Fees: A small fee is charged per transaction to cover operational costs.

Privacy and Security

  • Anonymity: Direct links between senders and recipients are obscured.

  • Encryption: All data is encrypted to protect user information.

  • Decentralization: The process is decentralized, with transaction logs available on the Ethereum blockchain.

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