🎰Supply Distribution

Token Distribution

  1. 80% to Uniswap for Liquidity

    • 160 million $MIXAI tokens are allocated to Uniswap to provide liquidity for trading pairs with other cryptocurrencies. This ensures a healthy and active market for $MIXAI tokens.

  2. 10% for Marketing and Partnerships

    • 20 million $MIXAI tokens are reserved for marketing initiatives, strategic partnerships, and promotional campaigns. This allocation drives platform visibility, user acquisition, and ecosystem expansion.

  3. 5% for Staking Rewards

    • 10 million $MIXAI tokens are dedicated to staking rewards. Users who stake their $MIXAI tokens earn rewards in proportion to their stake, incentivizing long-term holding and network support.

  4. 5% for Revenue Sharing

    • Another 10 million $MIXAI tokens are allocated to the revenue-sharing pool. Users participating in revenue sharing receive a portion of the platform’s fees, directly rewarding their engagement and contribution to the platform’s success.

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