🖲️Multi Mixer

Multi Mixer

Multi Mixer enhances the anonymity of multiple Ethereum transactions simultaneously, offering an added layer of privacy for users.


  • Batch Transaction Submission: Users can submit multiple Ethereum transactions to the MixCash AI smart contract via the Telegram bot.

  • Mixing Process: The Multi Mixer combines multiple transactions from various users into a larger pool. Advanced randomization algorithms are used to redistribute the Ethereum, making it difficult to trace any single transaction.

  • Output Distribution: The mixed Ethereum is distributed to the specified recipient addresses, ensuring that the origin and destination of funds are obfuscated.

Technical Highlights

  • Smart Contract Security: The process is managed by secure, audited smart contracts that automate and ensure the integrity of the mixing process.

  • Advanced Randomization: The algorithm provides high entropy, further enhancing the difficulty of tracing transactions.

  • Fees: The Multi Mixer charges a fee for each transaction batch to cover operational expenses.

Privacy and Security

  • Enhanced Anonymity: By mixing multiple transactions together, the Multi Mixer provides a higher degree of anonymity compared to mixing single transactions.

  • Encryption: All transaction data is encrypted to protect user privacy.

  • Decentralization: The entire process is decentralized, with transaction records accessible on the Ethereum blockchain for transparency.

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