1. What is MixCash AI? MixCash AI is a privacy-focused project on the Ethereum blockchain, providing advanced mixing services to make transactions untraceable, along with other features like tipping and wallet generation.

  2. How does a mixer work? A mixer is a system designed to enhance privacy by obscuring the transaction trail. It combines multiple transactions from various users and redistributes them, making it difficult to trace the original source and destination of the funds.

  3. Why should I use MixCash AI? MixCash AI offers unparalleled privacy for your Ethereum transactions, ensuring that your financial activities remain confidential and secure. Our comprehensive suite of features caters to all your privacy needs.

  4. What are the key features of MixCash AI? Our key features include single and multi mixers for transaction privacy, tipping for anonymous contributions, and wallet generators for secure and custom wallet creation.

  5. What is the tokenomics of $MIXAI? $MIXAI has a total supply of 200 million tokens with a 5% buy and sell tax. The supply distribution includes 80% to Uniswap, 10% for marketing and partnerships, 5% for staking rewards, and 5% for revenue sharing.

  6. How is the tax used? The 5% buy and sell tax is used to fund the platform's development, marketing, partnerships, and staking rewards, ensuring the sustainability and growth of MixCash AI.

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