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Advanced Scanner

Advanced Scanner feature of MixCash AI provides users with the ability to scan token project contracts directly. This will help users analyze the data of those tokens and determine whether they are good or bad. Here's a brief explanation:


  • Contract Scanning: Users can perform direct scans of token project contracts through the MixCash AI platform.

  • Data Analysis: The Advanced Scanner allows users to analyze token project data, such as trading volume, liquidity, and other relevant information.

  • Quality Assessment: Based on the scan and analysis results, users can determine whether a token project is worth investing in or not.

Technical Highlights

  • Scanning Algorithm: The Advanced Scanner uses sophisticated algorithms to thoroughly analyze token project contracts, providing accurate and reliable information to users.

  • Real-Time Data Updates: The analyzed data is continuously updated in real-time, ensuring users have the latest information on the condition of the token projects they are reviewing.

  • Accuracy Level: By utilizing cutting-edge technology, the scanner offers a high level of accuracy in assessing the quality of a token project.

Privacy and Security

  • Data Confidentiality: MixCash AI prioritizes user data security, ensuring that all analyzed information remains confidential and protected.

  • Secure Connection: All scanning processes are conducted through secure connections, ensuring that information exchanged between users and the platform remains protected.

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